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Wanxia Lee ~ Marie

MarieI am Wanxia Lee and my English name is Marie. I was born in Sichuan Province which is located in the southwest of China and in the upper reaches of Yangzi River. Sichuan Province is known for its spicy food, great pandas and excellent liqueur.

In 1996, I went to Shanghai and received my college education there. Shanghai, where the Yangzi River goes into the sea, is a young and dynamic metropolitan city. After graduation, I have worked in Songjiang District which is situated in the southwest of Shanghai. I have undertaken many jobs: exporting manager, reporter and civil servant. Even as a civil servant, I have worked in different organizations: Foreign Economic Relations Commission, Publicity Department, Sub-district and general office of Songjiang Government. These diverse positions make me see things from different perspectives and enrich my life.

As a working mother, I still try to find some time to do some reading, movie-watching and gardening. Recently, I started to practice Tai Chi (a graceful-looking Chinese Kung Fu which will make you strong and calm down) every morning.

It is my first time to UK but I really love it so much: for the beautifully-lined terraced houses, for all kinds of unknown flowers and fruits, for the trees with vast crowns and for its kind and helpful people.