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Tong Jie ~ Peter

PeterI was born in Shanghai - the most fashionable city in China. I am very proud of my hometown. My wife is my classmate from university. She was born in Beijing, the capital of China. We have a daughter only three years old. She is very lovely and clever. I miss her so much these days.

Now, I am the deputy editor of the Shanghai Oriental Sports Daily. I have been working for this newspaper for about 11 years. I was a sports jounalist when I graduated from university. During the past ten years, I have worked very hard and have become the leader of the newspaper.

I like soccer. When I was ten years old, I saw the soccer World Cup played in Italy on the TV. That was the first time I saw the World Cup. I had a dream: I wanted to find a job which would let me watch a soccer match anytime. Now my dream has come true - I am so lucky!