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Zhou ShengChun ~ Samson

SamsonI am Zhou ShengChun and my English name is Samson. I was born in August 1973 in China. I studied in the Hunan Normal University from 1992 to 1996. My major was Chinese education and I gained a Bachelor of Literature degree. After graduation, I came to Shanghai. First, I worked in a high school as a Chinese teacher for one year. Then, I was recruited to the Shanghai Municipal Minhang District People’s Government where I have worked as a civil servant for 13 years. Now, I am vice-director of Minhang District People’s Government office and am responsible for the secretarial work. My main jobs are writing government reports, carrying out research, collecting government information and so on. Shanghai is a modern and fashionable city: I have witnessed her rapid development in recent years and I am proud to work and live in this city.

About my interests - I like sport, especially basketball, because sport can make me happy and excited. I also like to travel and I often travel with my wife and son on holiday. I enjoy different sceneries, culture and my family life.

I am very pleased to study in the University of Warwick.