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Shanghai 2012/13


The Centre for Lifelong Learning has now welcomed its sixth group from Shanghai.

The Municipal Government of Shanghai sponsors these delegates during their stay stay in the UK from September 2012 to March 2013. Delegates will be based within the Centre for Lifelong Learning and will be undertaking research into their specialist interests with seminars and visits.

The delegates would like to introduce themselves so have prepared brief introductions - please click on the photos in the right-hand column to be taken to their pages.

On 21 February 2013, the delegates gave their final presentations before members of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and invited guests who had contributed to their research programme. You may see these PowerPoint presentations by using the links below (and you may need to advance slides by mouse clicks):

Janet, on behalf of the group, also thanked everyone for providing the opportunity to study, meet people and travel in the UK and these are the photos which accompanied her words.


Janet Lee

Tina Zhang
Lily Qing
LibbyLibby Tang
Charles Yang
Tony Zhu