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Hello - I am Lily - Li Qing. I was born in Shangdong Province, which is located in the east of China, an area famous for its traditional Chinese culture and beautiful scenic spots like Mountain Tai.

After I graduated from Tongji University in 1999,I worked in the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Administration Department, which is responsible for the maintenance of the city roads of Shanghai. I love my work because it provides a useful service to citizens.

About my interests - I like reading, watching TV, playing with my 8-year old girl in my spare time. I also like to travel and meet with people. I enjoy different sceneries and life styles.

I am very happy to study in the University of Warwick. It will be a unforgettable experience. Although I have been the UK for just a few days, I have found a lot of things that are different. I think after six months, I will have explored further and have more understanding of the UK, especially the road maintenance technology and transportation service in big cities of UK which I'll share it with all my friends.