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Chen, Bin - Jolly


Jolly outside Anne HathawayI’m Jolly Chen  -  my Chinese name is Bin Chen.  I work for the Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping Co. Ltd, in the Business Department as its Vice Manager.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Shanghai Maritime University.  After five years working at sea, I obtained the company’s approval to move to this department.  The prime task for me at present is leading my department’s staff to obtain more cargos for the company's container ships.

I like sports as well as reading and, with my family, to go swimming and play badminton.  Prose books are my favourites as they provide me with leisure and relaxation.

There are three people in my family:  my wife, my daughter and me.  My daughter is only ten years old  -  she likes drawing and singing and she is a very cute girl.  After work I always play with her and read a book to her.  My wife is a beautiful woman and she likes cooking.  So I think I’m a very lucky man!

Jolly gave his final presentation on 5 June 2009 on the subject of container ports in the UK:  in particular those of Felixstowe and Teesport (PowerPoint slides).