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Feng, HongFa - Frank


Frank in University House, University of WarwickMy English name is Frank.  I graduated from Shanghai Industry University and since 1992 have been working for the Zhabei District Economy Committee.  As a deputy chief, I am in charge of the administration and regulation of commercial business.  The goal of our committee is to build this district a modern commercial centre.

There are three members in my family:  my wife, my son and I.  Both of them love me very much and I love them too.  My character is generous and in my spare time, I like listening to music, reading, football and so on.

During my next six months in UK, I would like to learn more about the development plans of retail businesses especially those which include social district commercial development.  I am also interested in British policies and laws on economic and social development.

Frank's final presentation was given on 5 June 2009 when he compared the retail markets in the UK and China (PowerPoint slides).