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Song, Lie - Kevin


Kevin outside Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford upon AvonMy English name is Kevin.  I graduated from Shanghai University where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Library Science in 1993, and then became a civil servant in Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice and an officer in Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Prison Administration.  I have since obtained a Degree of Law and I am working on a Masters in Public Administration.

I am director of the Shanghai Correction Institute, which is part of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice.  We assess the running of the corrective system and make reference to the development of related policies and advice.  I enjoy my job because it is significant for urban safety.

China has a good relationship with the United Kingdom.  I am very glad to have the opportunity to study at the University of Warwick for six months.  I am interested in British society, culture, history and tradition.  There is so much that I would like to learn and experience in the UK as I believe it will be beneficial to my future work and my life.

Kevin's final presentation was given on 5 June 2009 when he compared the administration of prisons in China and the UK (PowerPoint slides and Word document).