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Wang, Wei - Joyce


Joyce on main campus, University of WarwickI am Joyce  -  I work for the Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchang, a platform for all kinds of property rights exchanges.  It is not only the largest assets exchange but also an important part of the multi-level capital market in China.  I am in charge of the finance settlement department as a director.  My main job is to help our customers to deal with the capital of the exchange.

I majored in international finance at Shanghai Finance College.  After graduation, I have worked in the field of finance which has included a period of time at the Shenzhen Development Bank, Shanghai Branch.

I am an open-minded person and fond of reading, travelling, music and movies which I enjoy watching very much.  I wish I could travel around the world some day.  It helps me to broaden my horizons and get to know better of outside world.  My favourite movie is ‘Brave Heart’, starring Mel Gibson.  It tells about the war between England and Scotland in the 13th century.  From it, I have learnt how important it is to believe in freedom.

During my six month’s stay in UK,  I would like to learn a lot, read a lot and experience a lot.  I believe it will be a wonderful, unforgettable period of time in my life.

Joyce's final presentation was given on 5 June 2009 when she compared the capital market systems existing in Shanghai and the UK (PowerPoint slides).