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Xu, Xuefei - Snow


Snow on Westwood campus, University of WarwickMy name is XuXueFei, and my English name is Snow.  I graduated from Fudan University, Department of Chinese, Shanghai, PRC in 1997.  Since then, I have been working for the Shanghai Wenhui Daily, PRC, and am now in charge of the International News Department.

‘Wenhui Daily’ was founded in Shanghai on 25 January 1938.  Nowadays it is published in Shanghai, based on the Yangtze River delta, and it has wide-ranging implications as the integrated daily.  Its philosophy is mainstream brands, the high-level, authority and affinity.

‘Wenhui Daily’ focuses on the areas of official, business and academic news and its readers are from these professions.  They are called ‘four-high’ readers:  high social status, high education, high income, and high rates of effective reading.  ‘Wenhui Daily’ has more than one million readers and has a stable circulation of 450,000 copies.

‘Wenhui Daily’ is available in China and more than 40 countries and regions.  It has set up reporter stations in five major provinces:  Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, and Hubei.  It also has permanent reporters in 14 countries, regions and international organizations, such as the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Mexico, India, Philippines, Nepal, and the United Nations.

The purpose of my studying in University of Warwick is to make my knowledge on overseas journalism more systematized.  With regards to this study, I intend to broaden my horizon in the field of foreign mass media which will be beneficial to my work.

I’m interested in the management of a British daily paper and the responsibility of its editor-in-chief.  In this respect, I’ll probably make a comparison between China and Britain on the advantages and disadvantages.  Besides, it’s worthwhile to find out whether the British government manages news reports through guiding and controlling.  With the development of the internet and many people’s new habit of scanning news on web, I will begin a study on how to make full use of the internet for better news-hunting and this will be my main focus of the research.

Apart from attending courses, I’ll take advantage to access available media resources.  I’ll pay a visit to a world-famous newspaper such as ‘The Times’, to make some investigations.  I’m confident that, through teamwork and exchanging views with others, this will be helpful in making my work more efficient.

Snow gave his final presentation on 5 June 2009 which he entitled 'To be or not to be  -  traditional media facing the challenge of new media' (PowerPoint slides and Word document).