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Shanghai 2009 : Questionnaire at end of course

You may not wish to answer every question and you may have other comments that you wish to make. We would be very grateful for your responses.
Excellent Good Adequate Poor Very bad
Your reception at Heathrow and travel to Coventry
The initial introduction to the Centre for Lifelong Learning and the first meeting of the group

Accommodation and English classes and projects:

Visits and Meetings: We have listed below the visits that were made. Please comment on their usefulness in helping you to understand more clearly about Britain. You may also wish to comment on how enjoyable you found the visits.

Excellent Good Adequate Poor Very bad
Seminar on local government to prepare for meeting with the Lord Mayor of Coventry with Peter
Skills development session with Dr Rachel Hardy of Warwick Skills
Team Building Exercise through Warwick Skills with Dave Filipovic Carter
Seminar with Peter Dunn University Press Officer on the British press
Life Skills Workshop with Pauline McManus
Seminar on the role of the Regional Observatory on regional economy
Seminar on British perspectives on the Chinese economy with Paul McManus
First workshop on understanding enterprise with Roger Mumby Croft
Second workshop on entrepreneurship with Roger Mumby Croft
Third workshop on British and Chinese culture with Adrian Johnson
Fourth workshop on marketing with Roger Mumby Croft
Fifth workshop on change management with Roger Mumby Croft


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