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First Impressions

 A reflective article written by Tony on behalf of the group:

In my opinion, Britain is an interesting country.  Many countries of the world have been greatly influenced or reformed by Britain culture.  What it contributes most to the world is that Britain has set up a kind of model of development. With this model, many other countries of the world were the followers or learners.

Maybe it is hard to see that Great Britain now plays an important role politically in the world as it once did centuries ago, but in terms of the field of culture we can still find the significant impact it once made to the whole world.  If you watch carefully, you will find origins of many things in our daily life from here. For instance, Greenwich meantime is also called ‘world time’.  Lots of great events of the world were recorded by Greenwich meantime.  Sports games like rugby, football, tennis once originated here are now very popular around the world.

Some people say if there were no Britain, the whole world history would have been rewritten.  This is by no means an exaggeration.  If there were no Britain, there would have no countries like USA, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, etc.  The whole world would have been structured in another way.  Britain has contributed to the world with so many great people in many aspects. We admire those British people who have made great contributions to the development of human civilization such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, William Harvey, John Keynes, Adam Smith, Edward Gibbon, John Milton, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare and so on.  How different the world would have been if these people had not existed.

Everything is just like what I imagined before I came to England:  peaceful rivers, ancient castles, afternoon tea with rosy fragrances, green grass and flourishing trees, and most of all fresh air.  Life is leisurely and comfortable.  Britain is a combination of old traditions and modern civilization.  There are a lot of historical places like the splendid and imposing Buckingham Palace and  St. Paul’s Cathedral.  You can also find the best modern architecture here and there.  It is a country full of interesting places to visit.

From time to time, you often feel the friendship and politeness of the people around you.  The daily common expressions like ‘Thank you’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Sorry’, ‘May I …?’ always make you feel warm and comfortable.  People queue up naturally whenever waiting for a bus or paying in front of the cash register.  You find that the politeness and disciplines are rooted among British people’s blood.

It has not been long since we came here.  We have started to explore and share the beauty of England.  That is a good start I think.  And I am sure we will gather more during our studies and our experiences here.  We will always remember and cherish every happy moment in Britain.



Tony Jan