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Lin Xia (XIA, Samuel)

dsc02532.jpgI’m glad to come here and have the opportunity to study at Warwick University.

My name is Xia Lin. Xia, my family name, means summer; Lin, my given name, means forest. Forest in the summer makes you feel cool and refreshing. And I hope that I can also bring you such kind of comfortable feeling.

My English name is Samuel. I find out that the name in English means a wise person. I expect that I can learn more knowledge and culture in the UK, and improve myself a lot.

I came from Minhang District in Shanghai, and I am in charge of the office of the People’s Congress in Minhang District.

I have a happy family. My wife works in a bank, so she is good at family financial management. We have a lovely daughter, 15 years old, and she studies at junior middle school. She has been to London in 2010, which is the very first time for her to travel abroad.

I hope that this learning experience in my life will be an important turning point, not only can really improve my English skills, but also broadens my horizons for future work.

Thank you!


L dot Xia at warwick dot ac dot uk