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Shanghai 2015/16

Local Economy Development and Innovation

2015/16 University of Warwick, Shanghai Research Fellowship Scheme

From Saturday 12 September 2015 (leave Shanghai and arrive UK) to

Wednesday 9 March 2016 (arrive Shanghai)

(Programme from Monday 14 September 2015 to Friday 4 March 2016

(leave UK Tuedsay 8 March 2016)

Programme Outline

Component 1:
A language and study skills element, which will involve a one month intensive training programme followed by an on-going element of English language provision.

Component 2:
A series of visits tailored to delegates’ professional interests. Visits take place at various times during the programme.

Component 3:
A series of workshops, tailored to delegates’ professional interests.

Component 4:
Tutoring delegates to enable each other to deliver an individual project and presentation

Delegates’ Research Topics

  NAME 论文题目中文 Topic
Paul SUN GUOQIANG (Paul) 英国电子商务管理和对上海的启示 The Electronic Commerce Management in UK and Enlightenment to Shanghai
Yann YU YANG (Yann) 英国高校在区域经济发展中的作用 The Role of British Universities on Regional Economic Development
marie JIN DANYAN (Marie) 产业转型升级及企业创新研究 Practice of Industry Upgrading and Corporate Innovation in UK
Sophia SHEN HONG (Sophia) 创新社会治理,提升社区综合实力 Innovate the social management and improve the community’s general ability
Mike YANG XINPING (Mike) 英国城市社区治理的经验及其对上海社区治理的启示 Experience of British city community governance and its enlightenment for urban community governance in Shanghai
jerry WEI WEN (Jerry) 英国城市发展创新对上海的启示 Enlightenment of urban development and innovation in UK to Shanghai's
Bob ZHANG HONGBO(Bob) 英国戒毒模式研究及对上海戒毒工作的借鉴 Research on British Drug Abstinence Model and Some References to Shanghai
hubery XU HONGBIN (Hubery) 英国政府法律顾问制度研究 Research on the System of Government Legal Counsel in UK