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E-Learning Resources & Support for Staff

Welcome to the e-Learning pages for CLL

Technology in CLL 

Need help getting going with Moodle? Want advice on using MyPortfolio with your learners? Want some technology training for you or your team?
If you need help or advice with any aspect of technology to support teaching and learning please contact Jim Judges the CLL eLearning Manager.

See here for the Student Support Pages in Moodle (includes eLearning & Technology support for students).

Find out more about different tools:

Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment)
MyPortfolio (ePortfolio)
eStream (Video streaming service)
Responseware (Personal Response System)
Echo 360 (Lecture capture)
Tabula (Administration tool)

Training Opportunities:

Training courses (including Moodle & MyPortfolio)
Drop-in support (2-4pm Wednesday Workshop & Other meetings)
Alternatively if you prefer 1:1 support or would like to book a training session for your team then please get in touch.

Further Links & Resources:

Using Sitebuilder
Technology Equipment Booking Form (Video cameras, laptops, ipads, audio recording etc)
Technology at Warwick

Student Presentation Recording Consent Form (document)

...can't find what you're looking for? Ask Jim