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Flipped Classroom

This concept is about moving traditional 'lecture time' into the 'homework' slot and vice versa. Recorded lectures can be accessed online by students at distance, where they can engage with the content, then come together as a group (in what would be 'lecture time') to discuss the concepts and/or engage in activities which promote further understanding of them. Active learning techniques can be employed, which add structure to this kind of seminar meeting, and make the most of peer learning opportunities. There is sound research evidence to show that learning with others, promoting social constructivist techniques, can expand a person's learning beyond their individual capabilities. Read more about the flipped classroom concept here.

Recorded lectures can be achieved using lecture-capture software such as Echo360 or Camtasia, screencasting tools like JING and Snagit or interactive whiteboard recording tools, like Show Me (iPad).




Robert O'Toole

Sara Hattersley

Emma King


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