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A 'Blog' is short for 'Weblog' and is a kind of online journal for individuals and/or groups. Blogs can be public or private - or open to only a few individuals. On your course, you may be asked to create and take ownership of a blog, which will be viewed/commented upon by you, your tutor and perhaps your peers. Blogs tend to be used for reflection, and also for showcasing student work (images or written work). As with any space that you are creating online, consider online netiquette, and how you want your personal/professional image to be developed. To find out more about Warwick blogs, and how to create yours, follow the links to the presentations and resources below.

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web + log = blog

With your own personal blog you can quickly publish your ideas as often as you like. It's easy to create, personalise and manage.

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Currently, the five most popular FAQs are:
How do I get a blog?
What does 'Blog this!' mean?
What sort of formatting can I add to my entries?
What is a blog?
What would I use a blog for?