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email.jpgOnce you have created an I.T. Services (ITS) account, then an email address will be auto-generated. The University of Warwick uses the Microsoft Office (365) email system, which can be accessed here:<update link - will change in Aug 2013>

It is important that you check your Warwick email regularly, as this is the University's preferred means of mass communication; the course team may also prefer this method of contact.

In addition, any notifications from the website e.g. that you have completed a form, confirmation that you have submitted a piece of work, that a new forum post has been added, or that there is outstanding work, will come via email.

For more information on how to use Warwick email, click here. [ITS webpage]

If you find that you have too many email addresses (work, home, business), and don't want to have to check another system for your studies, then you can get your Warwick emails forwarded to a preferred email address. Click here (PDF Document) for instructions on how to do this.

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