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PC requirements

pc.jpgIn order to get the most out of your course programme, you will need regular access to a PC or laptop with the following:

  • Latest browser version (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer): if you don't have the latest version, you may be unable to access some of the multi-media and electronic resources
  • Broadband or Wifi Internet connection: this is to ensure quick access to the website and resources, and for ease of streaming any videos
  • Firewall and/or antivirus protection: to ensure that your PC or laptop is fully protected from the latest viruses
  • Latest Flash Player: to enable you to watch video clips on You Tube
  • Latest Adobe Reader software: to ensure that you can read the latest PDF documents and e-books
  • Microsoft Office software: to ensure that you can open .doc and .docx Word documents and Power Point Presentations hosted on your course site. You will also need to submit your written work in a Microsoft Office compatible format, as this is the software available to assessors/markers
  • Memory stick/USB/Cloud storage: this is to ensure that you make at least one back up copy of your work. [*Note: loss of work is not an extenuating circumstance for an extension!]

If you are studying on a blended or online course, you may also need access to the following:

  • Social media account: the group will often designate their preferred method of communication with the group e.g. Facebook, Twitter
  • Headset and microphone: this is so that you can participate in any web-conferences or live chat with your tutors and/or peers
  • Web-cam: this is so that others can see you when participating in any live video conference
  • Skype account: this is so that you can speak to your tutor for tutorials, or work with colleagues, for free or limited cost

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