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Lunchtime Learning Workshops

Enhancing Teaching & Learning with Technology

These workshops are aimed at any CLL Staff interested in finding out more about the use of technology tools to enhance teaching and learning. Staff are busy, and lunchtime is precious so these short sessions will last between 30-60 minutes (see details below) and participants are welcome to bring their own drinks and lunch with them if they want to combine lunching with learning. You can book a place at any of the sessions using the link at the bottom of the page.

  • Workshop 1: Encouraging Communication & Collaboration - 30 minutes
    Thursday 16th Feb. 1:00-1:30pm Westwood WT1.04

- Ideas for student collaboration using the Wiki and Glossary tool in Moodle

- A quick review of Forums including how they can be used for peer assessment and to encourage better quality responses and improved participation

  • Workshop 2: Hands-on Introduction to Moodle - 1 hour
    Wednesday 22nd Feb. 12:00-1:00pm Westwood MM1

    - If you're new to Moodle, fairly new to Moodle or would like a chance to refresh your understanding of how Moodle works then this will be a useful hands-on session. Find out how to get started editing Moodle, how to add files and how to communicate with students and track their progress.

  • Workshop 3: Improving Learner Engagement in Taught Sessions Using Response Tools - 30 minutes
    Wednesday 1st March. 1:00-1:30pm Westwood WT0.05

- Bring your lunch, and your phone or tablet and take part in an interactive presentation, quiz and discussion using a range of tools including the centrally supported Responseware system and other online applications.

Future sessions: If you have an idea or a topic of interest for a lunchtime learning workshop, or would like to share something that you have been doing to enhance teaching and learning please get in touch with eLearning Manager Jim Judges.