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Welcome to E-Learning News

E-Learning Manager's Intro

Ready for the Autumn Term yet? You may be recruiting for next year's courses; you may be thinking it's way too early, but at this point, in the Spring term, before exam boards and final assessments in the Summer, it's also a good time to think about your technology for learning.
It's a good point to evaluate what you have done, how well it has worked and what you might like to do in the future.There are two broad things to consider with e-learning; the first is people. Unless you have a MOOC (not many of us do!) where the technology itself is the 'delivery mechanism' for learning, you need dedicated people assigned to the learning materials and technology - to create it, manage it and support students in using it, particularly early on in a course. We can't underestimate this - without it our lifelong learners could become disenchanted (and so could we!) and disengaged, when technology can offer a much more liberating and accessible alternative if we manage it well. And what do students want? Have you had any requests for more online presence or learning materials? And how do they learn - do students want to access learning through mobile devices, for example?
Secondly, naturally, it's about what teaching and learning we wish to enhance with technology. Are there particular parts of our curriculum which naturally lend themselves to e-learning? Can we incorporate some distance learning into a (largely 'face-to-face') programme? Are there particular course learning outcomes which could be usefully matched to a technology? And would we like to manage our course administration better, using technology (for example, assignment submission)?
I have been working on an e-learning checklist: something which will allow you to evaluate how 'ready' you are for using technology for teaching and learning in the Autumn Term. I'll be circulating this to CLL course teams and encouraging you to plan with me in the next few months. If you're having a team meeting and it's appropriate, do let me come along, meet everyone and help you out. Let's be technology-ready for Autumn 2014!

What's going on in CLL?

Spring Term Staff development sessions
This term's staff development sessions are well underway; thanks to everyone who has signed up so far - good to see you! Some sessions have been re-scheduled this term and so there is ongoing availability through April and into May, and another chance to attend if you couldn't make a previous date. An overview of the remaining schedule is below:
  • Flipping the classroom 2/4/14 (Room WCE0.9a)
  • Encouraging persistence in learning using technology 8/4/14 (Room WCE 0.9a)
  • Pedagogy and voting technology 15/4/14 (Room WCE0.10)
  • Educational Webinars 29/4/14 (Room WCE0.10 and WE0.20 Teleconference suite)  
  • The art of visual e-recording: screencasts and lecture capture 7/5/14 (Room WCE0.10)
All CLL staff are most welcome, although some sessions may be of greater relevance than others. To see a description of these sessions and an indication of who might get the most out of them, click on the e-learning staff training page where you can also book your place. Come along, share good practice and learn something new! It could be just the thing you need to get you thinking about technology for the Autumn Term.....

Mahara e-portfolios - CLL users grow!
Mahara e-portfolios are really taking off in CLL! First the 2+2 degree students started using them, and the new MA Coaching students will be trying them out, as part of their 'action learning' style of programme. ITT have used e-portfolios for some time but are now investigating Mahara as their potential new tool. E-Portfolios offer great potential and flexibility, as well as quick and easy access from a range of devices (PC, mobiles, tablets), making them good tools for personal work records, showcasing of ideas and collaboration with others.

As well as being a useful tool for students, staff can benefit too. I use mine for storing files and folders, collating a range of useful resources in one place (my resources and those available from others), creating 'interest pages' (e.g. linking curriculum and technology) and keeping work records and a CV. For those staff involved in the Annual Review cycle, I am looking for volunteers to pilot Mahara as a staff CPD tool. A few staff have already agreed to try this, so if you're interested, please contact me and I'll explain this in a little more detail.

What's going on in the Uni?

Window on Teaching: Pedagogy of the iPad
Rob O'Toole (Warwick Academic Technology) delivered a session this month on Pedagogy and the iPad, in the Teaching Grid (main campus library). Did you know the original iPad concept was developed in the '80s?!  A summary of Rob's presentation plus links to his resources can be found on the Academic Technology newsfeed (where I get a little mention too!). You'll also see a link to the iPad wheel, mentioned below, as featured in the blog 'e-Learning stuff' by James Clay - worth exploring his posts; they're really good!

Warwick Innovative Teaching Database
Linked to the Teaching Grid, for those who have not seen it, is the WIT database - a repository of interesting articles and reports from those who have used the Experimental Teaching Space for teaching and learning (including CLL's Gill Frigerio and Jeannie Wright!) and videos from Windows on Teaching sessions. Many of these posts are about the use of technology for teaching, learning and research and include examples from across the University - go have a browse! 

Lecture: Going Online to Enhance Face-to-Face Teaching
Dr. Simon Lancaster (UEA) will be giving a lecture on Wednesday 9th April, 11-12 on his work using lecture capture and the Internet to create innovative learning experiences for students. Dr Lancaster was a winner of last year's Higher Education Award and although his work is in the field of Chemistry, the technology-enhanced methodologies are relevant for all. To find out more and to book your place for this free lecture, click here.

IT at Warwick: Issue 10
The latest interactive newsletter from ITS is available now, with short articles on Moodle, Course Sync, Office 365 and remote access to your files, amongst other things. It's short and snappy, so have a read!

Technology Tool of the week: Padagogy wheel

One thing I am always concerned about is the close connection between pedagogy and technology. We should always start with the former - what do we want our students to know and learn, and therefore, what technology can support or deliver that? Anything that makes that link, I find persuasive. Last week, I came across this poster and the Padagogy Wheel (developed by Allan Carrington) which attempts to connect Bloom's Taxonomy with a range of iPad apps, showing which are suitable for analysis, evaluation and other educational objectives. The wheel itself is interactive (hover over the apps for a direct link to the app on  iTunes) and there are QR codes linking blog articles and other insights about this model. Quite a lot of these apps are available on our iPads, if you'd like to try them out (using our iPad booking system) and if you come across a new, interesting app that you'd like to download, just let me know.

E-Learning from 'up north'

I'm at the JISC HE and Technology conference Putting the Student at the Centre of their Learning, this week, at Manchester University, and I'm looking forward to bringing lots of practical ideas back for us to try in CLL. I'll report back to you next month!

Sara (E-Learning Manager, CLL)
Sara Hattersley | E-Learning Manager | Centre for Lifelong Learning 
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Room WCE1.6, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Westwood Campus, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL
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