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Sitebuilder Training

Welcome to the CLL Sitebuilder Training area!

These short sessions last between 45 minutes to one hour, and are intended to give you the basics in developing your Sitebuilder Skills in a familiar, supported environment. All sessions follow the same format, beginning with an overview of the session learning aims, consistent navigation (key to right) ending with skills based activities and a training evaluation form. The Sandbox area is a closed space for you to carry out the activities and practise these skills.

Training content

Session 1: Build a page

Session 2: Dynamic pages

Session 3: Quizbuilder

Session 4: Formsbuilder

Session 5: Images

Session 6: Administration

Session 7: Forums

Session 8: WIKIs

Session 9: Blogs

Session 10: Copying pages

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Information and Useful tips


Additional tips