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How to copy a page

Sitebuilder allows you to copy a single page, or a whole set of pages. This can be useful if you need to copy one template and develop it in your curriculum area e.g. a Course Handbook, or if you have an e-portfolio, and wish to create a copy for each of your learners.

How to copy a page or set of pages
  • Find the page or pages that you wish to copy
  • Hover the mouse over the Edit option, and select More
  • Under the Manage pages menu, select Copy pages
  • A new page will open with a range of options: copy_a_page.jpgThis example shows how to copy the Course Student Handbook.
  • In the first box, you should enter the URL of where you want this page to be copied, so you will need to copy and paste the new URL in this box.
  • New page name: the second box will have the original page name with the word 'copy' after it. Change this to whatever you want this page to be called e.g. course; efolio. Keep it short, with no punctuation or spaces so that the URL isn't too long.
  • New link caption: in the third box, give this a new link caption, which is what is displayed on the site e.g. Open Studies Course Handbook; John Smith's E-portfolio. This should be in more detail.
  • Show new page in local navigation: the fourth option is a checkbox, asking you if you want the page to be seen in the navigation bar on the site - select Yes if you want this option. If you don't, your page will still be there, but it will be hidden from view.
  • Pages to copy: the fifth query is about which pages you want to be copied. If you just want to copy the page that is currently open, then select Current page only from the list. If you want this page, and all the underlying pages (e.g. for a collection of pages), then select Current pages and all sub-pages.
  • Allow search engines: for closed pages on a VLE, select the Keep current permissions options.
  • Permissions: if you want to work on something without it being viewed, you can remove permissions and add them again later.
  • Ensure that you select Copy at the end. A new window will open, and you will be able to view the page/s that you have just created.