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You may sometimes want an external user to be able to view your webpages (eg a mentor). However, they will not have a user name so you cannot give them viewing permissions as shown in the previous sevtion. Instead you can password protect the page so that anyone who knows the password can view the page.

How to password protect a page

Add a password

Go to Edit and Edit page permissions. On the right hand side of the Page permissions screen you will see a section Add a password. You will need to create a strong password (including a mixture of upper and lower case, numbers and special characters). Type the password in again to confirm it. Select either the single or double tick box as required. You will see that the status of the page has changed to oassword protected.

Password protected

Click Done.

You will need to make a note of this password as you need to pass it on to whoever will be viewing the page. If you do forget the password then you can overtype the original with a new password and re-issue the user with the new password.

To remove the password select either the single or double cross button.


For security reasons you should send the password to the user separately to the URL link.


1.Create a password for your Permissions page.

2.Give the password to your neighbour and check that they can view you page.

3. Delete the password on your page.

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