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Page permissions

Page permissions are used in two ways. Firstly, in order to keep your VLE website private, you need to consider who will be allowed to view the website and pages. You may wish some pages to be viewed by all students but you might want some pages to be viewed only by the individual themselves. Secondly, different individuals may need different levels of access in order to view, edit, contribute to or administer a page. To manage the access of your webpages you should use page permissions.

  • View permissions give the user access to view the page only
  • Contributor permissions give the user access to modify pages and upload documents; they will not be able to delete pages or documents
  • Edit permissions give the user access to create, delete and modify pages as well as upload and delete documents
  • Admin permissions give the user access to create, delete and modify pages, upload and delete documents, and also to give other users permissions [no other level of permissions can give admin permimssions]
  • Modify data store permissions and Commenting permissions only appear on some specific pages

For more details information about page permissions please see the link to the ITS pages on the right.

How to grant page permissions

Go to Edit and select Edit page permissions. You will see the following screen:

Page permissions

To give users permissions, select from one of the first set of options on the right of the screen. Then choose the level of permission you want to grant from the second set of options. You can then click on one of the tick buttons to confirm your choice. Note that the 'single tick' button give permission to that particular page only but the 'double tick' button gives permission to all the sub pages as well.

To give a student Contributor permission to their e-portfolio page so that they can modify and upload files to their pages:

  • Type in their user name (cexxxx) in the box below 'This user or group:' (or use the search facility to the right of this box if you don't have their user name)
  • Select the option button next to Contributor permission
  • Select the double tick button to confirm the permission

The name of the student and their user name will appear in the appropriate permission box on the left hand side. It is good practice to check that you have, in fact, given the correct level of permission! Click Done.

How to grant page permissions to a group

Use the search facility next to the box under 'This user or group:'

Find a group

Start to type the group name which you gave to the webgroup you created earlier. The selection available will narrow down the more you type. Select the group you want and then choose the level of permission and either this page only or the whole section (including sun pages). Again check that the group appears in the appropriate permission box. Click Done.

Important note: If you are adding more than one user or group, remember to check the level of permission you are giving. The level does not automatically default back to View permission each time you add someone - it stays on the previous level.

How to remove permissions from a page

You can remove permissions for a particular user or group from a page or section whilst you are in the Edit page permissions screen. Hover over the user name of group name you wish to delete and two buttons with crosses will appear. Clicking the single cross button will remove the permissions from the page that you are on whilst clicking the double cross button will remove permissions from the sub-pages as well.


Link to:
ITS Permission Types


1. Go to your Permission web page and give view permissions to the webgroup you created earlier.

2. Check you colleagues can view your page.

3. Delete the group's permissions