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Webgroups for modules are automatically generated by SITS but you may not always want all the individual students to see every page of your webpages. Webgroups make managing access to your SiteBuilder pages easier, by letting you define a group of users once and then using that group on your webpages.

So you can create a group made up of your students, give it a memorable name, and then when you're setting permissions for a SiteBuilder page, you can give the the group permissions rather than adding individuals. If you add or remove people from it the group, the change immediately takes effect everywhere that you've used the group - there is no need to make any changes in SiteBuilder.

Use the link on the right to access the Webgroups home page.

Webgroups homepage

'My group membership' lists all the groups that you are a member of (including webgroups created by other people). 'My dept groups' are all the groups that have been created within the department. You may find that the group that you want to set up has already been created. 'My groups' lists all the groups that you have created.

How to create a webgroup

Click on the Create group tab and this page will be displayed:

Create group

Group name: This will begin with the departmental code, ie 'ce'. Give your group a meaningful, short name. You will search for this group using the short name so try to make it individual, eg ce-itt-ncn-dtlls-13 or

Group description: This is the name which will appear in Sitebuilder when you are using permissions. Once again it should be meaningful, eg NCN DTLLS 2013 or DTLLS Literacy 2013.

Group members: Add members to the group by inputting user names, library card numbers or other group codes. Enter after each input.

Group owners: Only Group owners can edit a webgroup so you may want to make other staff members an owner of your group.

Click Create group.

How to manage groups that you own

To view the group you have created, click on the My Groups tab and you will see them listed in alphabetical order of group name. The Owners and members of the group are listed underneath. If there are 10 or more members you will need to click on 'list them' to show all the members.

Any groups that you have created can be edited or deleted using the Edit and Delete options next to the group name. You will see the same screen as the Creat group screen although it is now populated. Update the group as required or delete it (you will asked to confirm the deletion).



Link to:
Webgroups home page 


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