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Blog management


How to set up a web-group for a cohort

Blogbuilder is linked to Sitebuilder, so when you create a web-group in Sitebuilder, it filters through. Ensure that all the learners viewing your VLE have been added in cohort web-groups, and not as individuals (see Session 6: Administration). Ensure that you are always set as an administrator, and not as a group member.

How to manage your students' learning

Create a list of pre-made titles and 'tags' for the blog activities you want them to complete, and get learners to copy and paste them their entries, to ensure accuracy - and to help you track all the tags.blog_tagging.jpg

How to manage your blog tracking and marking

Go to Warwick blogs and select Blogs by department Blogs by department Select My groups from the options, and a list of all the web-groups that you are in or manage will be listed. Select the cohort of students whose blogs you wish to view, and you will then be given access to the blogs. Blog manager

Information - key tips

Ensure that you and your learners understand the security of the permissions for all options, and try together at creating entries and changing permissions during induction

Ensure that you are always set up as a web-group administrator, and not a user

Use the blog manager to see 'at a glance' the number of entries for each tag - this should co-relate to the number of students. Blog manager saves time accessing individual blogs.

Encourage learners to get a notification of when anyone has added to the blog (Admin-Settings-Email), so that they can respond quickly to comments or feedback. For instructions on forwarding Warwick emails to a personal email account, click here (PDF Document) 

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