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Create a page

  • Hover over Edit at the top right hand side of the page and from the quick drop down menu, click on Create new page.

Edit dropdown menu

  • You will now see the following screen:

Create a page

Sitebuilder automatically defaults to a basic page template.

  • Create a unique URL for this page which is short and meaningful – it must be all lowercase with no gaps or special characters although numbers and underscores can be used. It is a good idea to have consistent naming convention, eg student surname and initial or initial and then surname
  • Type in the title of your page in Page heading and then copy [Ctrl + C] and paste [Ctrl + V] it into the Title bar caption (tab in Internet Explorer) and the Link caption (tab on website).
  • Show in local navigation (shows in tabs above when on a different page). If you deselect this then no tab will show and you will need a link to this page from another page.
  • Allow search engines – decide if the page is private or not.
  • Keywords - these are used by search engines so can maximise the search potential of your website.
  • Additional options, eg span right hand side – automatically defaults to this option.
  • Click Create new page which will take you back to your live page. You are now ready to add content to the page.



New pages can be created using the quick 'one off edit' dropdown menu or the full edit menu. If there are several pages to be created then use the full edit menu to save time.


Go to your sandbox area and:

1. create a new basic page

2. edit your homepage so that is does not span the right hand side

Additional tip

If you change your mind about the page spanning the right hand side of the page, you can change this. From the quick menu select Edit page properties and click Additional options - check/uncheck the box.