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Edit page content

  • To add content to the page, click Edit in the top right of the page. This will take you to the edit screen:

Edit screen 

  • Select the first link on the list, Edit centre content, which will take you to the edit content screen. You will note two pale blue lines which appear to show that you are in edit mode (either the left or right hand side, or across the whole page if the page spans the right hand side).

Edit centre content

  • Delete the words ‘This page has no content yet’ and type your content.
  • When you have completed your typing, click Publish from the top right-hand menu:

Publish button

  • or Cancel if you do not wish to proceed. Publishing is the only way to save your work so if you cancel, your changes will not be saved. However, after you publish, you can go back and edit your page, going through the same procedure again.
  • Once you have clicked publish, you will be taken back to the edit screen.
  • Click Done to see your live page.




Sitebuilder does not have a back-up facility so you should remember to regularly publish your webpage so you do not lose your work. Alternatively you can type up your content into a Word document and then copy and paste it into a Sitebuilder page.


Type a few sentences about your experience with Sitebuilder in the blank space provided.

Additional tip

Select Edit right content to edit that side of the page. You will have to publish before you can edit the centre content.

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