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Format text

Sitebuilder formatting tools are very similar to Microsoft Office so you can format your text in many different ways. The buttons are found at the top of the webpage. Hover over them to find out what each button will do.

Format buttons 

  • Go back to Edit centre content and try different formatting with yourt text. Choose bold, italic and strikethrough. Click on the down arrow next to Paragraph and try the different headings. You can add create lists with bullet points or numbering. For example:
  1. Heading 2

  2. Heading 3

  3. Heading 4

  4. Heading 5
  • You can add boxes to your text to make it stand out using the Create and edit styled boxes button. The colours of the boxes are determined by the colours on your website.

Bold and italic text in a green box

  • Remember to Publish your work.




When adding formatting to your page, try to be consistent. Use the same Heading type and colours through out your pages. Too many different types of formatting may leave your pages looking messy.


Go to your sandbox area and add some formatting to your home page

Additional tip

Sometimes Enter [a hard return]gives too big a gap between paragraphs. Use Shift and Enter [a soft return] for a smaller gap.