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Create links

How to link a file located on your drive/USB
  1. Hover the mouse over the Edit button and select Edit centre content
  2. Using the cursor, highlight a word, phrase, or image which you want to be linked and then click the Links picker icon Links picker on the toolbar
  3. Select Your computer from the dialog box Your computer
  4. Select Browse - now search, select and Insert the chosen file
  5. From the Link options menu, find the appropriate icon from Document icons Link document icon
  6. Select Publish
How to link to an existing Sitebuilder web-page
  1. Follow steps 1-2 above and find This website from the dialog box
  2. Scroll up through the levels until you find the Sitebuilder page you require, and then select the page. [*Select Open this link in a new window if you want the page to open in a new tab (you cannot use the back button to click back to the original page using this option)
  3. Click Insert and then select Publish
How to link to an external web-page
  1. Copy [Ctrl + C] the URL of the external web-page
  2. Follow steps 1-2 above
  3. Click into the Link URL text box and paste [Ctrl + V] the URL
  4. Click Insert and then select Publish
How to unlink or edit a link
  1. Highlight the linked text and right click the text with your mouse
  2. Select Insert/Edit link
  3. Edit the URL by deleting the old one and including the new one….or
  4. Delete the URL from the box to completely remove it
  5. Select Update and then select Publish




Creating links to other documents, files, images and web-pages can add depth and visual interest to web-content. Used appropriately, it can quickly signpost the reader to additional key information and engage the reader. Links can be created manually or by using the Sitebuilder tool ‘Links picker.’ A good principle of web-design is that hyperlinks are used sparingly and on key words that you would expect to be linked.


Go to your sandbox area and link:

  1. a file
  2. content to your CLL Staff Profile page
  3. to an external page