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Page templates

There are a range of page templates that you can use and apply. This page has been created using the 'Slideshow' template, which is useful for embedding just one presentation into the page.

Explore some of the Page template options by creating a new page. Each template will provide you with a dialog box to format your page. There are helpful 'Information' buttons for every step, making this quite a straightforward process.

To delete any unwanted pages, go to Edit - More - Delete

To purge any unwanted pages, go to Edit - More - Subpages - Delete - Purge.




Templates are a great way of quickly presenting material.

If you have many files and documents to present, a Table of Contents page is a good organisational page.

If you have some course related jargon or technical vocabulary on your programme, then a Glossary page is a useful signpost.

This page is a Podcast page, and allows learners to download the media so it is portable.


Go to your sandbox area, and:

1. create a sub-page using one of the templates, and add content

2. add a new definition to the CLL Glossary page



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