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Quizbuilder Administration

How to re-order the questions

To re-order questions, go to Re-order the questions under the Modify the quiz function. quiz_properties_and_re-ordering.jpg The questions can be dragged and dropped into the right order. It doesn't matter if the numbers are out of synch, as this numbering is not visible to learners. Save changes.

How to manage the quiz

To set the parameters of how this quiz is used, go to the Quiz properties function. Select all of the options that apply. As a minimum, it is standard to give learners one attempt, and then to receive the feedback you have created. Select Publish.

How to view learner submissions

To view who has submitted the work, and their responses, go to View recent submissions for this quiz.

Use the date filter if this form has been open for a long time. Date filter To view the submissions for a large group (e.g. over 12), select the View summary viewing option, which will place it in a table, or select the Download submissions to a CSV (Excel spreadsheet) for monitoring purposes.





Permissions on who can access the quiz will be covered in Session 6: Administration 


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