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Quiz Planning

How to create a quiz page

Select Edit - Create a new page - Quizbuilder page template and provide a brief but meaningful URL e.g. quizict.

Under Additional options, decide whether you want the quiz to span the whole page, or the centre only, by unchecking the box. Publish this page. You will now have a blank Quizbuilder page.

How to include content before the quiz: information and media

Select Edit Surrounding Content from the quick edit menu. You can add any text, photos or multimedia here e.g. some reading, an image or a slideshow/video clip which you want the quiz to be about. Do not delete the Content placeholder or you text won't appear!

Upload this content and Publish.

How to format and personalise a quiz

On the published page, under the default privacy statement, select Edit this quiz.

From the options, Quizbuilder Editing Options select Comments and enter some meaningful instructions Quizbuilder - Comment dialogue box. Place a space and dividing line above and below the instructions, checking all four options.

Once published, the comment will appear at the top of the page.

To personalise a quiz, so that you can see quickly read individual responses, add a Personal details field next, which will autofill for the logged in user. Most quizzes will require a name only, so delete those not required.

Use the X button to delete an option, Quizbuilder editing buttons, the ^ arrow keys to move the field up/down the sequence, or the pencil icon to edit the field options.

Publish the page.



Useful tips

Before you design the quiz:

1. Think carefully about what it is you want to assess or check - is this the best tool for the job?

2. Familiarise yourself with the type of quiz question options (see next page) before you begin to write, as nearly all will give you quantitative responses apart from the Text box question, which is suited to more open questions