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JPEG images

Saving your images in a JPEG format will allow you to have more functionality with them within Sitebuilder. To create JPEG images, you will need to open a blank Power Point Presentation (PPP).

How to create a button or icon in a JPEG format

On a blank PPP slide, go to Insert - Shapes. Select a shape option e.g. rectangle, and use the cursor to draw a large shape. To format the colour of the shape, right click the shape and select the Format shape option:Formatting a shape

Click into the box to enter the desired text e.g. Blog Task; Activity; Next Page. Format the text and shape.

Right click the completed image, select Save as picture. Give the image an appropriate name, and save it as a JPEG File Interchange Format Save as JPEG. You can now upload this image to your web-page for use as an information icon or link it to another page.

How to create a screenshot in a JPEG format

Frame the image ((e.g. a web page, Wordle or other content) you want to capture on your screen, and hold down the Control and Print Screen keys [Ctrl + Prt Scr] simultaneously.

Paste [Ctrl + V] the capture onto the PPP slide. Now Zoom out zoom.jpg using the bar at the bottom right of the page, to around 50%. To crop the image, go to Format - Crop Format and crop and edit the image. Save the image using the instructions above. You can now upload this JPEG to your web-page.

How to create an image with a heading and border

Insert a New Slide in a PPPP. Using the Design tab on the toolbar, change the colour/style of the slide, and enter a suitable caption into the title bar. Insert your image onto the slide. Go to Save as and save the slide as a JPEG format, selecting Current slide only. PPP slide Your PPP slide has now been saved as a JPEG image. You can now Insert the image on your page, and Size the image as per the instructions in Session 1.



Creating your own images means that you don't have to worry about copyright. Professional/high quality images are created using design software; however, freely available alternatives can create medium quality images.

If you are going to use an image taken from an external website or other source, then you should ensure that you seek approval first. Some sites will allow you to use content if you acknowledge the source; other require more formal approval. Often this information is available at the bottom of the site. If in doubt, email them direct and request permissions, and keep the email safe.


1. Create a button or icon for your web-site

2. Create an image from a screenshot

3. Create an image complete with a heading and border

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