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Assessment review

The new inspection framework welcomes a return to placing 'assessment' back into the standards more explicitly..... without the cycle of assessment (initial, diagnostic, formative and summative), learners will be ..... (Ofsted Inspector, January 2013)

Watch the clip below of an Ofsted inspector giving advice to a teacher on how to make the assessment strategy




Complete the quiz below to review your learning on ‘assessment’ to date.

  • Seminar
  • Final exam
  • Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Discussion
  • Debate
  • End test
  • Controlled assessment

  • Initial assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Formative assessment
  • Screen/Skills check

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Read these key texts around the implications of the new CIF (2012) on formative assessment


Complete the quiz. Are there any actions for improvement in your own practice? Go to your E-PDP and update your ILP targets here.