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Session 8: WIKIs


WIKI image

Click on the image above and watch the YouTube clip to get an overview of the principles of a WIKI.

A Wiki is a type of website which is open to everyone to be viewed and edited by them. This means that communities of individuals can come together to share their knowledge of a topic and the creation of the web page happens in an 'organic' manner.

Individuals joining the wiki can edit, delete and moderate content and the site grows as individuals make their contributions. The advantage of a wiki is the notion of shared knowledge, which is usually up-to-date and is in the spirit of the 'open source' and forum community. The downside is its lack of privacy and the potential for 'inaccurate' information on a topic. In addition, the content and contributions of individuals can be subject to editing by others.

The most famous wiki is 'Wikipedia' - the online community-based encyclopedia.

The Wiki in Sitebuilder is a Basic web-page template with Allow comments functions.

Advantages: students take 'ownership' of the page/s, and can develop their own content; it is collaborative; function is user-friendly and it's quick and easy to add a comment; encourages students to read each other's work to avoid replication of ideas; social constructivist model - students as teachers - increased engagement with the activity; differentiated activity by output

Disadvantages: comment boxes do not allow for uploading images, files or media - only hyperlinks, which is a limiting feature, though not dissimilar to WIKIpedia; students can't delete/edit the comments of others; not easy to access how the page has been edited and developed; some longer comments can be a bit off-putting

To create a Basic WIKI:

Select basic page template, and under Additional options, select Allow page comments

To create an Uploads WIKI

Select a page template, and under Additional options, select Allow comments on uploaded files

To create a linked WIKI:

Create a basic homepage (no comments), and insert a table with one column and enough rows for each subpage title.

Add the titles for each page, one per row, preceded by a numerical format.

Create a sub-page with Allow page comments. To link to the next page, select Show next & previous links on sub-pages.

Create all sub-pages, and hyperlink them to the contents page.

To hide the pages from navigation, select Edit-More-Sub-pages, and click to 'close the eyes' representing the subpages.

Ensure that the right group of students can access the WIKI (see web groups, Session 6)

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