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Formative Assessment Activity

The formative assessment task is designed to enable students to share examples of career coaching practice and to give and receive feedback in order to support your learning.

Groups of 2 or 3 will be agreed at the teaching days for this activity. You are asked to record yourself conducting a career coaching conversation, and pass this on to another member of the group as agreed, for feedback. Ensure that consent has been agreed from your client for their recording to be shared.

The person who reviews your recording then provides you with some written feedback (you might also choose to discuss it). Write your own brief reflective response to the recording and to the feedback, and pass this to the module leader for additional comment.

This additional comment can then be discussed as part of a tutorial. Please email with several possible dates/times for a face to face, phone or skype tutorial.

Finally, post to the forum on what you have learnt from the exercise.
Summative Assessment

Career Coaching Reflective Project (5000 words)

The first part of the assignment consists of a video case study. Select one of the case study videos in the module materials and conduct an analysis both of the career coaching that takes place and the client’s future career coaching needs. Preliminary questions are supplied to support your interpretation of the case study.

The second part of the assignment is very much about your context. We ask you to use an example of a career coaching conversation in your context to construct a case study, reflecting on your practice to gain fresh insights into career coaching and inform practice.

1/ Case study one (2,500 words; weighting 50%)
This case study is based on a selected video from the case studies page. You are asked to annotate a given transcript and use this to begin taking multiple readings of the case study.

a) Interview transcript: as a basis for your interpretation, you are asked to annotate the transcript of the career coaching intervention. The full transcript is available as a Word document from a link beneath the video, so you can download a copy. Once you have downloaded your copy, use the ‘New comments’ function in the ‘Review’ menu in Word to insert your comments. Submit the annotated transcript as an appendix. (This is not part of the word count).

b) Theoretically-informed interpretation (2500 words): you are asked to interpret the career coaching and comment on the areas highlighted below. Base your analysis on your annotated copy of the interview transcript.

i. What coaching skills are demonstrated in the way the coach handles:

a) beginning the interaction

b) exploration of the issues

c) ending the interaction

ii) i. What career development theories can be related to the case study?

iii. What outcomes from the career coaching can you identify?

iv. What other approaches could have been taken by the coach?

v. What do you imagine the coach might be feeling through the interview?

vi. How would you suggest beginning a second coaching session with this client?

vii. What issues would you suggest for future exploration?

2/Case study two (word limit 2500; weighting 50%)

a) Identify a case study of a career coaching conversation typical to your context.

The participant's signed agreement should be obtained. Record the case study and then transcribe and annotate it using the pointers below. Submit the recording and annotated transcript as an appendix. (This is not part of the word count).

b) Reflective critique and further actions (2500 words):

The critiques should cover the strengths and weaknesses of your practice, given your practice context (e.g. informal career conversation, line management, formal guidance) in relation to:

i. Contracting and re-contracting

ii. Relating career development theories to the case study

iii. Use of coaching skills

iv. Evidence of learning on behalf of the client

v. The structure of the conversation

vi. Other approaches you could have taken

vii. Approaches that could be appropriate in alternative contexts

viii. Your own feelings through the conversation

ix. Possible issues for future exploration

Ensure consent for recording and use of the interview has been agreed with your client. A sample consent form is attached here for your use.

Submit both parts of the project at the same time. The assignment must be submitted using the the online submission system. You will be invited to give overall feedback on the module as part of this. Word limits must be adhered to within a 10% leeway and beyond this may be penalised. Coursework will be assessed against the learning outcomes described in the module specification and postgraduate assessment criteria. The course guide to referencing (e.g. citation style, use of reference list and bibliography) and presenting must be used. Links to further information are available in the student handbook. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in loss of marks.

Gill Frigerio

January 2015