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Systems Theory Framework and Career Coaching and Counselling


In the Career Development Theories module, we look at Mary McMahon's systems theory framework for career development as an integrative approach to career development theories.

In June 2013, Professor McMahon, who is a Associate Fellow of Warwick's Institute for Employment Research, visited Warwick and gave a half day seminar on her work, which demonstrated the use of the Systems Theory Framework in career coaching and counselling. The seminar was recorded and can be viewed in two parts below.


Mary pres 1




 Mary pres 2

Part Two

Further reading

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Chapter 8: 'The Systems Theory Framework: A conceptual and practical map for career counselling' 94-109.

Sharf, R.S. (2010). Applying Career Development Theory to Counseling (5th Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. Chapter 16: Theories in Combination is available as a scanned course extract at the University library, via this link.