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Course materials

In terms of career coaching practice, the focus of this module, and the overall course, is on career development learning i.e. our own learning and the many ways we can facilitate this learning in others. Career coaching is here being interpreted as involving a wide range of activities including one-to-one discussions, group work, courses, online activities, events, reading, marketing, management and other areas. This view of coaching will enable you to support clients and design career development programmes in many contexts including corporate environments, self-employed consultancy, government-funded services, universities, college, schools and communities.

Module reading pack
There is a module reading pack provided with this module containing all the core readings. This includes: a preparatory reading by Inkson (2007); an introductory reading by Patton & McMahon (1999) linked to the first presentation entitled 'An Introductory Framework'; and a series of readings linked to each of the remaining presentations. All these core readings are also shown in bold in the reading list. You should receive the pack in the post shortly. Please contact if any problems.

Important notes on using the presentations
As you will see, the core module content is delivered via a series of audio-assisted PowerPoint presentations. Some of the PowerPoint files are quite large, so you may find it more convenient to save and download to your computer. Depending on the version of PowerPoint used, the presentations can be listened to and viewed in Slideshow mode, read with notes in Normal view or printed for viewing offline. As well as the slides, important content is contained in the Notes section of PowerPoint. The Notes contain all the text that is audibly narrated in Slideshow mode. They can be read in Normal view by dragging up and down the Notes box. They can also be printed by picking the relevant printing options. Note that the audio will only play in PowerPoint 2010, so you are advised simply to read the slides in Normal view if using PowerPoint 1993-2007. If using PowerPoint 2010, then you are advised to listen to the slides in Slideshow mode and then re-read in Normal view. When using Slideshow mode, the slides should be advanced manually using the mouse if they do not advance automatically within 1 or 2 seconds.

We hope that you find the module relevant, stimulating, and above all enjoyable!