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Video, transcript and preliminary questions


The video and transcript have been lightly edited for continuity and context and to protect anonymity. Both are intended for teaching purposes only and not for wider circulation. The video controls will appear as the mouse is moved over the image of Danny above. In the transcript, Danny can be identified as the Respondent (R).

Case study one: Danny transcript
'Reading’ Danny’s career: some preliminary questions

As a preliminary stage in the integration of theory and practice, you are asked to use the given career development theories to undertake multiple readings of Danny’s career. The lists of key concepts provided in the teaching materials should be used. The following questions are designed to help with this process. Note that these are simply examples of questions and not intended to be exhaustive. Your own questions and comments based on the key concepts are also relevant.


How has Danny learnt his career development?

Consider this question in relation to:

i) Instrumental learning experiences

ii) Associative learning experiences

iii) Self-observed generalisations

iv) World-view generalisations

Note that iii & iv relate to what Danny believes to be true about himself and the wider world.


What does the transcript suggest in terms of a threefold combination for Danny’s personality type, e.g. RES, SEC, etc.?

In RIASEC terms, what work environments does Danny discuss? Any gaps?

To what extent are the work roles Danny discusses congruent with his personality type?

What is indicated of Danny’s personal career theory?


What roles appear to be salient in Danny’s life (e.g. Student, Leisurite, Citizen, Worker, Homemaker, etc.)?

In relation to the salient roles, what stages and associated developmental tasks are relevant e.g. Growth (curiosity, fantasy, interests, capacities); Exploration (crystallising, specifying, implementing) etc.? How can the roles be linked with mini-cycles?

How do Danny’s life-space roles relate to his work ideas?

What values have meaning for him?

How does Danny visualise himself in the context of work? Give some specific examples of what he sees himself doing in relation to work.


Drawing only from what is revealed in the case study, can you identify the communities Danny is part of and any other members of those communities?

To what extent are Danny’s communities influencing him in terms of:

i) Expectations (e.g. via the values of peer groups/ family).

ii) Feedback (e.g. received via participation in groups).

iii) Support (e.g. encouragement from community members).

iv) Modelling (e.g. identifying with a particular person).

v) Information (e.g. via day-to-day conversations and observations).

In terms of modifying social functioning, in what ways has Danny influenced the careers of others?


What is included within 'Danny’s' horizons for action? And excluded?

What elements within fields are relevant (e.g. employment, education, etc.)?

What dispositions are present? What can be suggested about tacit (i.e. unspoken) dimensions?

Are there any folk theories present, and, if so, what?

Cochran and Savickas

What stories does Danny tell of his life?

i) Are there any examples of incompletion (i.e. dramatic emplotment)?

ii) Are there any examples of positioning, positing or completion?

iii) What occupations and life themes are discussed?

Are there any untold stories?

Are there any role models evident in Danny’s life history?

What felt problems might the identified occupations and life themes help solve? What might be pre-occupying Danny’s thoughts and feelings (i.e. felt negatives or problems in his felt experience)?