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Introductory framework

Some introductory remarks will be made to set the context for the module. In particular, Erving Goffman's definition of 'career' and the work of Wendy Patton and Mary McMahon on career development learning systems will be used in developing an initial framework to aid understanding.
Introductory framework (Powerpoint Presentation)

Following this, a series of contemporary and classic perspectives on career development will be discussed drawing from a range of disciplines. Use the blue menu above to navigate.

Further reading

  • Alternative definitions of 'career' are offered in the section entitled 'Additional definitions, disciplines & perspectives' in the blue menu above.
  • Further systems-related ideas on career development can be found in:
    Arthur, Inkson & Pringle (1999) on what they term 'new careers' and the links between individual action and economic change.
    Pryor & Bright (2011) on the chaos theory of careers.
    Collin (2012) for a slightly different take on a systems approach to career.