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John Holland's theory of vocational personalities and work environments

Holland's 'Self-Directed-Search' (SDS)


This section will introduce you to Holland's interest inventory: the Self-Directed Search (SDS). There are many versions to be found of the SDS, just type RIASEC or SDS into a search engine and you will see how prevalent Holland is in contemporary careers work.

Exercise 2

Before moving on to the PowerPoint presentation contained in the next section, please print a copy of the attached version of the SDS (see above): this is in the format of a brief questionnaire which will result in a RIASEC interest profile. Please complete this version of the SDS in order to identify your RIASEC profile, it will help you to engage more fully with the PowerPoint presentation on Holland's work (see next section).


Holland's RIASEC typology of vocational personalities




The attached PowerPoint presentation will introduce you to Holland's RIASEC typology of vocational personalities. The transcript of the PowerPoint narration is also attached.

Please note that the PowerPoint file is quite large, so you may find it more convenient to save and download to your computer. Also, please adjust the volume control on your computer to ensure that the PowerPoint narration is audible.