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CE923 Homemade resources!

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  1. Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I’ve made myself a little A5 sheet of crib notes on guidance theories to stick into my notebook at work. I’ve popped it online at so do have a look and let me know what you think. Feel free to download a copy too!
  2. Re: Homemade resources!
    Hi Lucy, Thanks for sharing this, its very useful and I also enjoyed reading the other information on your site. Can you recommend any other interesting blogs relating to Careers? Thanks, Kathryn
  3. Re: Homemade resources!
    Good posts from both Kathryn and Lucy. I like your work on Super’s phases Lucy – very detailed. I wonder if anyone else has produced a summary of key concepts for CDT? I could work on one, if anyone would be interested? I’d also be interested to hear your views on the quality of the various career-related blogs. I know that Jim Bright, Tristram Hooley and David Winter amongst others are active in this area. Xmas greetings to all! Phil
  4. Re: Homemade resources!
    Hi Kathryn and Phil, AGCAS have just popped up a new page of blogs: I’m just chuffed as mine’s on there! Lucy
  5. Re: Homemade resources!
    Fantastic, thank you! Regards, Kathryn
  6. Re: Homemade resources!
    Hi Lucy Finally had a chance to look at your crib and blog. Very useful and interesting. Also looked at the AGCAS blogs page – it’s bookmarked for me to look at once this assignment is out of the way! Charlotte
  7. Re: Homemade resources!
    Thanks for sharing this Lucy, it’s really useful. Amy