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CE923 Confidence building and epowerment

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  1. Hello, Anybody who’s got some tips for theorists or articles that you have found useful working with building confidence and empowerment in guidance? Kristin
  2. Re: Confidence building and epowerment
    Hi Kristin, I’ve found narrative approaches useful for this – particularly the idea of listening out for strengths in stories that our repetition and reflection can emphasise. There’s a technique called ‘success experience’ where you invite the client to make a list of activities they felt were enjoyable and where they felt a sense of accomplishment, and using this as a basis for discussion, where there’s lots of positives to reemphasise, and there’s the potential of learning from patterns that emerge what leads to this accomplishment feeling. I popped up a blog about this and other tools I found in Sharf’s book: Hope helpful, if belated! Lucy