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CE923 Advance alert re update of materials

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  1. Dear all This is just a quick note to let you know that we will be updating some of the virtual learning materials on this module over the next couple of months. We have re-recorded some of the slides with a clearer voiceover and created some additional material. Some other aspects will also be updated as part of this. We hope this will enhance your experience of the module. Best wishes Phil
  2. Re: Advance alert re update of materials
    The module space will be updated and redesigned this week. My apologies for any confusion in the look of the space whilst this takes place. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if any problems. Best wishes Phil
  3. Re: Advance alert re update of materials
    Thanks for your patience I hope the revised layout is clearer and updated materials are helpful. Best wishes Phil
  4. Re: Advance alert re update of materials
    We are currently updating the online reading list Two new e-books have been added: Patton, W. & McMahon, M. (2014) Career development and systems theory: connecting theory and practice, 3rd edition, Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense. Arulmani, G., Bakshi, A.J., Leong, F.T.L., & Watts, A.G. (2014) (Eds) Handbook of career development: international perspectives, New York, NY: Springer. We hope to develop a wholly online core over the next few months and hope this helps with accessibility
  5. Re: Advance alert re update of materials
    Please note that the core reading has been updated in order to provide electronic access to all readings from 1/10 onwards. Students who registered before that date should continue to use the core readings they were issued but are welcome to use the new resources too. Links in the main sections have also been updated. Hopefully all self-explanatory but if this leaves anyone confused please do not hesitate to contact me for clarification. Best wishes Phil