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CE923 Training day follow up - 22nd Jan 2013

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  1. Firstly – many thanks to you, Phil, and your team, for making yesterday such an enjoyable and informative day! Secondly – to all my new colleagues across the country – I do hope that you all arrived home safely and in one piece! I really enjoyed meeting you all, and feel more confident that I’m not alone studying for my PGDip…...If anyone wants to get in touch, you can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter (@picklespj) or Facebook. I’m always happy to share ideas and worries, so please do look me up. Meanwhile, all the best with the assignment!! Cheers, Pam :)
  2. Re: Training day follow up - 22nd Jan 2013
    Hi Pam, Finally made it down the M5 after the training day! – slightly easier to navigate than getting to grips with some of the links and routes for this course!! It was great to meet you – will pass on your regards to Paul and hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to come down to Exeter at some point. Kind regards Rowanna