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Psychoanalytic and literary perspectives


Psychoanalysis and literary studies have exerted considerable influence on contemporary careers work.

  • The work of Larry Cochran and Mark Savickas has been selected because both have developed related but contrasting forms of narrative analysis derived from literary studies and psychoanalytic psychology. Please now click on the play arrow below.
  • The online lecture is also available in Powerpoint Cochran and Savickas (Powerpoint Presentation)
  • Following this, read the article by Cochran (1992), the article by Savickas (1995a) and the chapter by Savickas (2013) provided in the core reading.



Once you have engaged with the core materials, here are some leads for optional further reading:

  • Jung's (1963/1995) edited autobiography Memories, dreams, reflections read together with Steven (1994/2001) provide a good introduction to Jungian psychology and career development. This provides an interesting contrast to the Adlerian approach.
  • Bordin's (1990) psychodynamic model of career choice and satisfaction for a further contrast.
  • Collin's (2000) interpretation of career development as 'epic' or 'novel' illustrates another approach informed by literary studies.
  • In the preparatory reading covered earlier in the module, Inkson (2004) discussed metaphor in relation to career. Mignot (2000) and El-Sawad (2005) have also done this but in different ways. It is worth looking at these latter two to identify the similarities and differences.