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Well done for getting this far! Summaries of the material we have covered are provided here to help with understanding and revision.

  • Career development theories (Word Document)
    A summary of the key concepts from the selected theories of career development. These have been the main focus of the module and focus on the rich description and explanation of career development behaviour.
  • Career management theories (Word Document)
    A summary of the key concepts from the career management literature. These are based on the above and focus on aspirational claims about future career development behaviours for self and/or others.
  • Career types (Word Document)
    A summary of key concepts from the career types literature. These focus on specific typologies of people and/or behavior in relation to career development.

This is a key review point in the module. Please consider the following questions:
1/ How clear is your understanding of the main key concepts covered in Sections 4-9?
2/ Can you distinguish between the three types of claim discussed above and in Section 10?
3/ Do you have any questions so far?
Feel free to post any queries or comments you may have in the Forum as it is quite likely that others will also be interested. Individual tutorial support is also available.