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Career-related learning in contexts

This section is designed to provide you with some specific examples of career-related learning programmes. Getting a handle on C-RL in this way can be more concretely helpful than referring to it in the abstract. As indicated in the previous page, career-related learning programmes can be found in a wide variety of contexts. We have selected a number of these for particular attention: schools & colleges, higher education and the workplace. This recognises that career development professionals work in all these contexts (sometimes at the same time!).

Reading activity: career-related learning in contexts
Please read the four papers below from the core reading. You will need the author(s) to locate it in the list. As you are reading, please make brief notes on the following:

1/ What topics in career-realted learning are covered / not covered?
2/ What types of teaching and learning are indicated or suggested?
3/ What do you like or not like about the career-related learning support described?

1/ Schools and colleges

VT Group, the Association for Careers Education and Guidance and Youth Access (2010) on Careers education framework 7-19 statutory guidance: impartial careers education.

2/ Higher education

McCash (2011) on Designing a generic career studies module: a practical example.

3/ Employment

Jackson (2008) on Career development at work: issues affecting the provision of career support for people in employment and Hirsh (2008) on Career development in employing organisations: practices and challenges from a UK perspective.

Once you have done this, please compare your responses with ours overleaf.